How I use Notion (2)- Content Creation

2 min readJul 24, 2022

Few weeks ago, I shared how I use Notion as my “second brain”, to organize my thoughts. I didn’t expect many of you are interested hahaha, so I am sharing another way I use Notion — organizing blog content.

Let’s dive in!

This is the home page of my blog.

Quicklink: Quick access to different parts on the homepage (ideas, progress, link) if I am using a phone.

Ideas: This is where I braindump my ideas, I use bullet points to do so.

Progress tracker: includes the contents I am working on.

I used linked database function from the “content dashboard” page, then choose “list” as the view of this database, and filter out the unfinished contents.

This database is where I stored all my contents, I used the

  • table view “all” as an overview for all contents, including posted and in-progress.
  • list view “posted” is ****only for posted contents

P.S. You can choose different views in your database eg table, list, gallery, board etc.

This is the blog template where I write content. It will appear if you press “New” in the “Progress” (on home page) or content dashboard.

In the properties field, I used relations to link other databases, including ‘books’, ‘knowledge database’ etc, as I want to keep track which references I am using

If you want to know how I create content from scratch, be sure to check out here:, there is a video of how I did it.

So that’s it! I keep it really simple yet effective. I hope you find this useful.