Fighting the semester slump

  • Wan Kuk Shan and Pyramid Hill with Leti. We were both scared of the sandy slippery slopes at first, but we conquered them. It was actually less difficult than we thought, it looked very steep, but if you take it slow, it is manageable. I didn’t expect there were so many people and we have to wait when we walk down from Pyramid Hill lol.
  • High Junk Peak to Green Egg Island. Our original route was only high junk peak, but we finished it quite early and my friends wanted to do more. So here we are, bursting in between forests and landing on Green Egg Island. It was a highly rewarding hike, the views on Green Egg Island were great, and the trails were fun. Glad that we have a hiking expert friend who read the map and led us through the ribbon roads.
  • A super impromptu hike to Castle Peak on 12th April. I saw my friend asking who wants to join the morning hike the night before, having a day off on Tuesday, I thought WHY NoT? ANd Oh my gosh, this one was so fun, it had a variety of trials — sandy slopes, flat roads, sloppy uphills… wasn’t boring at all, plus the fabulous view — 青山腹地. I was glad I joined and thanks to my friend who brought me here, I didn’t expect Castle Peak this year.
  • Needle Hill and Grassy Hill which is done the next day after Castle Peak. I am biased for this hike, as I was still in the hype from Castle Peak, this one was comparably* less fun. But we had a super random encounter with other hikers when we were resting in the gazebo. They gave us a lot of fruit and chatted with us while we are waiting for the rain to pass. Sometimes, these little moments just add up and become one of the highlights.
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A friction about the power of transforming our dreams to actions and the importance of listening to our hearts. The boy (main character) met a lot of people who helped him realize his dream, the alchemist, the girl he loved, the king … along his trip to find the treasure.
  • Currently reading Fooled by Randomness by Taleb. It is about the randomness, and variance encountered in daily life and we misinterpreted them as important signals when they are just noise. It is quite controversial and different from what I know before, but reading from different angles improves our critical thinking.





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