11/8–14/8 Markham ON

4 min readAug 18, 2022


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Hi guys, it is me. By the time you are reading this, I am already in LA, USA. I am going to Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo as an exchange student in Sep. I leave HK on 11/8 so I could travel ✈️ around before school starts!!

I did not expect much in this stay….

It is a stopover 🛑 before heading to LA to put some luggage at Uncles” house, so I dont have to travel with all my suitcases

PS Uncle is my mama”s frd from church, and he is over 70 already hhahahah

On my way to Markham, Ontario….

Flight from HKG to YYZ was very smooth. I have two flights ✈️ in total

  • 9.5 hours from Hong Kong to Vancouver, which was hard, as I didnt sleep much 😴 I was well fed tho — 2 meals and 2 snacks… I ordered diabetes meals (試伏🤣) which were served very hot and acceptable 🫶🏻. For breakfast, i have steamed eggs with veg and potatoes. I had some chicken (not good though) and brown rice for dinner.
  • 3.5 hrs from Vancouver to Toronto and arrived at 8pm

I was a bit confusing after arriving YYZ — not sure if i have to do the immigration process or not (u know … the one getting ur fingerprints and chopping stamps on passport) right after i got off the plane, the signs lead me directly to luggage taking🧳, no signs to the immigration process at all!! But turns out the immigration process was already done in Vancouver lol.

Staying there…

I stayed in an Airbnb in Beckett Ave. Really like the area — very peaceful and quiet. It was not crowded like Hong Kong where u literally cant breathe. There were parks in every few sheets. It was very convenient surprisingly (without a car is a different story🚗), everything is within an hour distance. You”ve lakes, ponds, walking trails, community centres (sports and library) and even farms to pick seasonal fruit. Not to mention grocery stores and restaurants. I bet those who love outdoor and quiet will love here, like me.

I did a lot of walking here, since I don’t have a car. Unexpectedly, I didn’t get lost, except one time in Loblaws, I went in the wrong direction and had to spend 2x time to go back😅 Neighbourhoods basically looks like a block, and signs are easy to read

My stay here was well spent with uncle, he showed me a lot of places — trails, Main Streets, library etc. And even to his gym when i mentioned training🥹🥹 I wouldn’t discover the nice things here if he didnt show me around #reallythankful.

Uncle was very easygoing, i didnt feel like talking with a 7x yo grandparent haha. He is very active and had a good mindset — do sports to keep the muscles, eat protein, keep using ur brain every day etc. U know he is a healthy guy when u see how he lifts things — squat and pick up the tennis bags🤣

👧: do u ever bored here

👴: not really, other than tennis, I garden, read, spent some time in nature…. It really depends on what u like

Some highlights….

📍Berczy park south

I was wandering ard the area in the evening and bypassed this park. It was reallly huge — tennis court, dog playground, park, skating area with slopes …. The walking trail is so pretty that i have to stop and take a picture of myself ahahahah

📍Toogood pond, Unionville main street

On Sunday morning, we went to the pond and the trails nearby before brekkie (restaurants are not open till 10)The Canyon/ Kennedy trails were easy (sneakers or even slippers are fine) and best for walking/ running. We came across a lot of people with their dogs and cycling.

Then we walked to the main street. It instantly gave me a holiday vibe, the design, the street itself and stores (many ice cream and chocolate stores🤣).

🍔Nextdoor Restaurant

Okay this brunch place is bomb!!🥹🤤 We ordered a shakshuka ($18.5)and strawberry pancake ($18.5). A bit pricey but worth it. Their dishes surprised me — weren’t heavily seasoned!!!

Shakshuka: Halloumi cheese was served in chunks 🧀 but not sprinkling on top. It didnt have any meat too, but chickpeas, so it was light.

Strawberry Pancake with granola and whipped cream: I had a small bite and dndjdnfjdke. Totally my cup of tea — not fluffy pancakes, not sweet af sauce, syrup not all over the pancakes. Very simple ingredients but they worked tgt really well. 100% ordering this IF i come again. Already missing 🥹🥹🥹🥹

📍Port Perry

Another place that gave me the holiday vibe. It has a lake here which is really big lol (locals: it was a small one as u can see the buildings far end🫠)

Some fun facts…

  • there are many Hkers and mainlanders living in the area, I often heard Cantonese 🤣
  • u can drink the water directly from the sink
  • people usually walked on the right side
  • it is very common to have a dog 🐶
  • cars will let u go first (real surprised

Stayed tuned for trip in LA!!